Our Clients Get the Best Price and Terms in North County

That’s probably not the first time you’ve read that statement, and likely not the last. Our advantage is over 40 years of experience in booms, busts, wins and losses in unique and luxury home sales. We also have been in the buyer’s seat many times, and in many different types of transactions. We grind deals to get results. I offer guidance in stressful moments through transactions.

My goal before approaching a seller is to make sure you know:

  • What the Seller’s motivation for sale is
  • How long the property has been on the market compared to others in the area
  • Neighborhood appreciation/depreciation history
  • Any significant economic depreciation the home may be subject to in the near future

In exchange, we give little about your interests or expectations, desires, etc. I don’t discuss with seller agent how much you love the home or how much higher you’ll go in price or terms to get it. We provide you with every possible strategic advantage to maximize your goals and win even in multi-offer seller markets like we’re experiencing in California, right now.

We focus on specific performance that is prioritized and added to a contractual timeline holding the seller to their promises all the way up to the last day of closing. You should always consider requiring that your offer stay confidential to the seller so the seller doesn’t use the goodwill you provided to encourage other potential buyers to raise their offer for a better price or terms. We must stay competitive, strategic and creative in these times in the real estate market in order to achieve your goals.

Before we sit down with a seller, we prepare your offer package with complete details to show the seller you are sincere in what you’re offering. Offer packages include a preapproval letter from your lender, proof of funds, earnest money in escrow and any contingencies you see fit to include with your offer. If you don’t have all of these components yet, don’t worry. We can certainly guide you on preparing these important pieces of information.

We always encourage a quality home inspection (and any subsequent inspections that may result as recommended from it) from one of our referrals in our REALTOR® network. I keep to the details of the transaction including any special needs you’ll require before or even after closing. Our client-side encryption capability and document archive are available to you 24/7 for years after a close with complete documentation, communications, reports, inspections and any other pieces of other information often handy for tax and lending information needs. You don’t ‘settle’ when you’ve selected us for agency. Timing should be on your terms, not your agents’. Always require a walk through inspection 24hr before closing that must be signed off by you to ensure things are where you expect them to be the next day, when you get the keys.

Notification of new home listings has never been more accessible. When we meet to discuss your new home purchase, I want to know what you need, want and hate. I won’t take up time showing you property that doesn’t match your expectations. We stick to the plan and follow through. If things need to adjust, it’s because you said so, and we will act accordingly. Regardless, you have peace of mind in knowing that, as your Exclusive Buyer Agent, your goals and expectations are ours. We are determined to make sure you have the very best price and terms for the home you want.

We provide ‘Carlsbad Style’ agency that results in transactions that are smooth, as expected but also planned out for what can happen after the ink dries. Our approach is kind, responsive, knowledgeable, professional, thorough and always paying close attention to the details of each client’s needs. Talk to us about what our market research can do for you to stay strategic and ready for the next opportunity. Our optimistic approach can be contagious and create new opportunities where others couldn’t see. We’ve got your back!

Ready to talk? Details below will get the conversation started in the right direction. Don’t worry; I don’t have newsletters or spam to barrage your inbox. After sending, I’ll reach out directly to schedule a time to meet and discuss your needs in more detail. We’ll review any exclusive opportunities I may have available as well as properties that meet your initial criteria. From there we can create an actionable plan for next steps in your journey to buying your new home.