While things always change, we hope the ‘feels’ we get being at home in North County never will.

Who We Are

Established in 1986 providing professional real estate services with the highest integrity. Shirley Nevin Broker Owner has been selling real estate since 1979.  She earned the certified residential specialist and certified real estate manager brokerage designations.  85%+ of our business is referral based.  Our clientele returns faithfully and sends their family members, friends and neighbors to us.  Shirley Nevin has successfully sold many million-dollar homes but sees each transaction, regardless of price as an opportunity to be of service.

CitiBrokers Real Estate has been often been impersonated over the last three+ decades, and even successfully in some ways, but only in name; never in level of quality, or service.  We are real estate people.  It is in our blood.  It’s more than passion, it’s a part of our composition.  We’re old school in our commitment to service to our clients, but we’re new school when it comes to the tools we use to be successful for our clients, and protecting their interests down the line.

We built our house in the SF Bay Area, and then in Northern California. Now we begin a new chapter in North County. We understand what homeownership means on a lot of different levels and from a lot of different perspectives.  What’s more pestering than a third party pressuring you one way or another while you’re trying to make an important, life changing decision? We both know what those people’s motives are. We’re not selling you anything, we’re executing your wishes backed by sound experience, full disclosure and assurances that will make you confident long after the ink dries.

Our Charge

The purpose of CitiBrokers Real Estate is to provide the finest real estate services to our selected markets and specialize in fair an honest dealings.   We will only grow so long we do so without sacrificing quality, service, or profitability. We shall succeed by pursuing and retaining high quality relationships that are mutually beneficial.  Our creed is to respect the personal dignity of all with whom we deal and to earn and maintain a reputation as an outstanding organization where it is great to do business and to work.

Our Mission

To continue CitiBrokers Real Estate as a family brokerage into the 21st century and through the next generation. The brokerage will continue to be a cornerstone to the family and a valuable service to the communities it serves.  This new chapter begins with starting up operations in North County San Diego with a focus on unique and luxury property sales.

Meet our Managing Broker and Realtor®