Shirley Nevin Managing Broker with Husband David Nevin Sr

Shirley Nevin, Broker

What started as a career to accommodate school age children’s busy schedule quickly turned into love for the real estate world. It began in 1979 and continues today to be one of the ‘loves of my life’. The bay area was the focus for several years until relocating to Redding, CA. The luxury, estate type homes became the area that I specialized in and maintain to the present, although as my tag line says ‘cottages to castles’ I appreciate them all. Certainly one of the perks of the business is that many customers became friends and remain to this day.

Another love of my life is my husband of 43 years. David Sr is extremely supportive and we spend as much time as possible with our children and grandchildren. David Sr. is owner of CitiLawns, Affordable Landscapes and together we work hard to present our properties as a delight to our customers and make appealing to potential buyers/sellers.

On a personal note, I love reading, gardening and fast cars. Picking up a book to read from an author you respect is like sitting down with them and having a personal conversation. Gardening is the means of taking something barren and making either beautiful or delicious (depending on what you grow). Fast cars are exhilarating and while I obey the laws of the land there are times that nothing fits the bill like zipping along the coast line in a convertible.

Real Estate has made it possible for me to bring a lot of joy to many people over the years. It is truly an honor to walk beside one who is involved in making one of the biggest decisions of their life, not only financially but emotionally as well.

Many things have changed in our lives recently. We all are looking for the best way to adjust and respond. Obviously the carefree days of public open houses with 30 people going through is no longer an option. But, we are finding ways to show properties online and schedule limited protected ways of previewing homes. In some ways the changes have been good. It hasn’t hurt us to be more cautious and take care in our everyday activities. One thing that has not changed is that our clients needs are very important and we will find a way to help them accomplish their hopes and dreams!

Thanks for going above and beyond. It really made the difference in lives. Thanks again, -Bonnie

Shirley, Our door is always open – Come see us!

How many times can I say you’re the world’s best realtor. So prepared, responsible, thorough, honest, sensitive and kind, yet firm and no pushover? Quote me anytime and use us for a reference. We love you. You made this overwhelming challenge a joy. Love, -Ruth and Bob