David Nevin Jr, Realtor® Associate

My name is David Nevin Jr and I’ve rejoined this journey with my mom as a REALTOR in opening up CitiBrokers Real Estate in North County San Diego.  I have a background in Sales including being a REALTOR in the early 2000’s for several years.  I operated a small business in Silicon valley for the better part of a decade and ‘retired’ in 2016 to polish up my professional skills in a corporate team environment.  I’ve thrived in the space and am very proud and humbled to be able to be a part of the team that I still contribute to today, here in Carlsbad.  I cook for comfort, build stringed instruments to stay humbled and have a creative outlet, run for meditation, travel for perspective, and go off-roading because it’s fun.

I was immediately ‘smitten’ by North County in the early 2000’s when my then girlfriend (now wife of 19yrs) introduced me to the area and her family. There was something very calming and welcoming about the area; it was, in a word, ‘intoxicating’.  A year or two later, we were able to move to Leucadia.  Unfortunately, it was short lived and we needed to move back to our native SF Bay Area.  

We returned in 2016 for keeps and have never looked back.  This is a very special place and my wife, myself and our two boys are very humbled to call it home.  We love running, hikes up the Calavera volcano (when it’s open!), surfing at Taramar and crawling the farmers market each week for new and tasty discoveries. I can do it all in North County and to me, that’s just one of the reasons why this area is so special.

My ambitions for trading property in San Diego brought back discussions about how I had my license hung with the family brokerage, previously.  It didn’t take much to rationalize why doing it again would be a great idea.    I grew up in the office my parents built in the 80’s and 90’s.  I watched agents run back and forth from fax machines and ‘buttering up’ clients to look over offers and agreements.  Running from one open house to the other.  I learned a lot of the things ‘they don’t teach you’ in that office.  

Through CitiBrokers Real Estate, I want to continue to curate the North County experience through real estate transaction services.  We want to stay a family brokerage and we want to stay High Value for our clients.  We do that by paying attention to the details and following our clients to their goals. CitiBrokers Real Estate has an unbelievable legacy you had to be there to appreciate. I’ve charged myself to bring all of the things that make it such a fond memory to North County.